About us

Company "Impex Textile"

IMPEX Textile LLC is a leader in the production of sleep products in Uzbekistan. The company occupies a confident position among Uzbek manufacturers. Continuous improvement of product quality and improvement of the production base are the basic principles of work.

The company was founded in 2017. At the moment, it is a company producing mattresses, pillows, blankets, bedspreads and workwear in a wide range.

The company is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan Textile and Garment Association.

Why choose us?

also new technologies and innovations in the field of bed linens and pillows allow us to produce high-quality products that are already loved by millions of citizens.

Impeccable quality

Artful flower graphics

Gentle and warm bed colors

Modern design

Original print


Our products are environmentally friendly and have a unique design.


Of 100% cotton

Современные матрацы из высоких технологий

Good healthy sleep!

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